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1. Where are the Veterans Services Offices Located?
2. If I have questions who should I call?
3. Am I eligible for outpatient treatment at the VA hospital?
4. Are there special points of contact at the VA Medical Centers for female veterans?
5. Can a widow of a veteran who was drawing Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC), and was terminated due to remarriage be reinstated if their current spouse dies, or they get divorced?
6. Can I change my address by calling the 1-800 number?
7. Do state employees get administrative leave for appointments for their service-connected disabilities?
8. How can homeless veterans get help?
9. How can I get a copy of my DD-214, military medical or personnel records or those of a relative?
10. How can I obtain emergency assistance with payment of my delinquent utility bills, rent, etc.?
11. How do I enroll in the VA Medical System?
12. How do I get a Florida Disabled Veteran’s ID card?
13. How do I get Certified Copies of discharge papers?
14. How do I get my disability compensation claim reevaluated?
15. I cannot find my military discharge papers. What can I do? And, how long must I wait?
16. I have recently been diagnosed with Diabetes II. Will I qualify for Compensation?
17. I heard there was a fire at the National Personnel Records Center for Military Records. Were my records destroyed?
18. How do a file a claim with the VA for service-connected compensation?
19. I was treated by the VA up North for dental needs, why can’t I be treated in Florida too?
20. I wish to file for Agent Orange Disease. What do I do?
21. If a veteran has trouble repaying his VA-guaranteed loan, what should he/she do?
22. If I get married will my pension stop?
23. If I select a Service Organization as my representative, are there any charges or meetings I must attend?
24. If my spouse dies while hospitalized in a VA hospital or nursing home, or nursing home under VA contract, will the VA help defray the burial and transportation expenses?
25. Is there a listing of all the things I need to file a claim with the VA for service -connected compensation?
26. My husband’s health is very bad, and he can’t leave home without assistance. Does the VA allow any extra money for pension veterans who need help?
27. What percentage of disability compensation rating must I have in order to draw additional allowance for dependents?
28. When I die, what benefits can my spouse apply for?
29. Where are the VA hospitals located in Florida?
30. Where can I get an application for the VA State Nursing Home in Land O’ Lakes, Florida?
31. Who is eligible for non-service-connected (NSC) pension?
32. I am a military retiree with service connected disabilities rated at 50%, do I get both my military retirement pay and my VA Service connected disability compensation?