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1. How can I find out the results of my inspection?
2. How do I obtain a commercial temporary power release?
3. How can I get automated information about inspections or plan reviews?
4. Does someone need to be there when the inspector arrives?
5. For what types of construction do I need a permit?
6. How do I get information about the violations for my property or jobsite?
7. How does my job get inspected?
8. What is required to set up an overtime inspection?
9. What is the arrival time of the inspector?
10. What permits are required when doing minor construction?
11. Who is my inspector?
12. Why can't I request the inspector of my choice to do my inspection?
13. Why was my job rejected?
14. Our new roof was inspected and approved by the County. Our homeowners insurance company is now requesting a certification from a licensed contractor. Who can do the inspection and certification?
15. How do I get information about Pasco County Online Permitting?