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1. How do I contact the Florida Department of Transportation?
2. How do I report a malfunctioning traffic signal or school flasher?
3. How do I request a new traffic signal, flasher, or other traffic control device or sign?
4. What is Traffic Calming and how can I have it installed in my neighborhood?
5. How do Pedestrian Signals work?
6. How do traffic signals work?
7. Who maintains traffic signals, warning flashers and school flashers in Pasco County?
8. How are speed limits established?
9. Why cant we have a stop sign to slow traffic on our street?
10. Why are there different background colors on speed limit signs?
11. Are traffic control devices on private property required to meet state standards?
12. Are there guidelines for the proper installation of mailboxes and newspaper boxes?
13. Why won't the county post Children @ Play signs?
14. What is a Clear Zone?
15. What is a Closed Loop System?
16. Why cant I put my garage sale signs on or over traffic control signs or signals?
17. Why not lower the speed limit to reduce hazards in our area?
18. What is the impact of pavement markings on traffic safety?
19. What are the requirements for the removal of underground markings signs, (flags)?
20. What is Florida law regarding school speed zones and school buses?
21. Why are stop signs and other signs posted so high?
22. What should a driver do when approaching an intersection where traffic signals are not working?
23. What should a driver do when approaching an intersection where traffic signals are flashing?
24. What is the justification for a left turn arrow?
25. Where should stop bar/sign be placed at intersection?
26. What is the harm of installing an unwarranted traffic control device?
27. Wont a traffic signal reduce accidents at our intersection?
28. What are the requirements (warrants) for the installation of a traffic signal?
29. Why cant I put up my own signs?
30. Why are there Orange Signs at road construction sites?