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1. What is the difference between a Precautionary Boil Water Notice and a Mandatory Notice?
2. How do I boil my water so that it is safe to drink?
3. How long will the need to boil water continue?
4. What about ice cubes or home prepared foods that may contain water that should have been boiled?
5. Does using a coffee maker make it unnecessary to boil the water I use to make coffee?
6. Can I use the water to rinse vegetables or fruits?
7. Can I hand-wash dishes with water that hasn't been boiled?
8. What if I use a dishwasher?
9. Can I take a shower?
10. If I have breaks in my skin, is it still OK to shower or bathe in water that hasn't been boiled?
11. Do I have to boil the water for my pets?
12. Can I do laundry?
13. What if I have a filter system on my faucet or refrigerator?
14. What if I think I ingested some water that should have been boiled but wasn't?