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1. What changes should I expect to see in the portal?
2. How do I access the new citizen portal?
3. What types of applications will be accepted in the new portal?
4. What documents will be required for a New Residential Permit application?
5. Can model homes without GIS or approved plat still be submitted and who would be contacting GIS?
6. Do all the documents need to be individually uploaded or combined?
7. Do digital plans have to be signed/sealed?
8. Do approved plans have to be available in printed form at the job site?
9. Since the plans will be all digital and on file, will it still be necessary to have 3 x 3 field sets for the inspectors?
10. Do the approved printed plans at the job site have to be in color?
11. What payment methods will be accepted in the new system?
12. Are the fees changing for new residential permits?
13. Do impact fees need to be paid at permit issuance?
14. Why can’t I add myself as a Field Contact?
15. Why can’t I schedule inspections for a permit?