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1. I'm having difficulty using the new website. Is my internet browser the problem?
2. What do I need to apply for a permit?
3. How do I get registered for the Pasco County Online Permitting?
4. I used to get an inspection placard as my permit. What happened to this?
5. My home is in a flood zone and I am not able to apply for an online permit even though it is one of the types that is supposed to be available online. What can I do?
6. Can I apply for a permit online without coming in to Central Permitting?
7. There is a lock on my file showing that I need to provide a Notice of Commencement. What can I do?
8. The contractor I am searching for is not on the new computer system. Does this mean they are not licensed?
9. I have an old permit application number and cannot find it in the new system. Is it deleted?
10. I've gone online and tried to schedule an inspection. The type of inspection that I need to schedule is not showing. What do I do?