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Traffic Devices Submittal Form

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    Pasco County Traffic Operations Division Internal Services Building, Rm 124 7536 State Street New Port Richey, FL 34654 (727) 847-8139 FAX (727) 815-7014
    This form is not required for private property or private streets, if combination county and private list only items on the County portion. When faxing the form, it must be legible. List all items called for in the plans. Show all D3 Street name signs by size (6" or 9") and color. The reflectivity grade and manufacturer must be identified for all items or the form will be rejected. Post system shall be a type used by Pasco County or it will be rejected. Street name sign brackets for 6" signs 30" long or less, or 9" signs 24" long or less, shall have a 5 inch blade or cross. All other street name signs shall be mounted with a 12 inch blade or 8 inch cross. All street sign brackets shall be supplied with bolts, set screws will not be accepted.

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