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Fire Rescue Special Detail Request and Information Confirmation Form

  1. Fire Rescue Dept. Special Detail Request and Information Confirmation Form
    Please use this form for first time requests for Fire Rescue Department Special Details, or to confirm details of your event for a prior request. Please note, we are unable to assist private events, e.g. birthday parties. Please fill this form out with as much detail as possible.
  2. Enter the name of your event
  3. Put the preferred date of your event or request for special detail.
  4. Scheduled start time and end time of your event or special detail request.
  5. What type of unit are you requesting?*
    Please check mark what type of unit you are requesting. You can pick more then one, if other or unsure please enter comments
  6. Do you have more then one type of detail request?*
  7. Please enter detailed information about what additional type of special details you are requesting as well as detailed comments
  8. Problems with form, or need help
    Please call 813-929-2750 or email:
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