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Government Center Volunteer Greeter

  2. The minimum age for Customer Service volunteers is 18 years old.
  3. Days Available to Volunteer
  4. Background Checks
    I understand that a background check will be conducted. I also understand that the results of the background check will be used in making a decision concerning my suitability as a volunteer for Pasco County. All background checks will be treated as confidential. Should a disqualifying offense be found, I will be given the opportunity to verify information and correct errors. Final decisions will be made by Pasco County Customer Service management on suitability for volunteer status.
  5. Do You Agree to a Background Check?*
  6. Acknowledgement
    I, the above applicant, agree to act as a volunteer for the Pasco County Customer Service Department. I acknowledge and agree that activities performed by me as a volunteer will be performed strictly on a volunteer basis, without any pay, compensation or benefits.
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