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Working Cat Placement Application

  1. What is a working cat?
    Sometimes the shelter will end up impounding cats that are unsociable. This could be due to a hoarding situation, the health of a found cat or due to the cat having bitten or scratched a person. PCAS makes every effort to return community cats back to their place of origin through our TNVR Program, but at times this is not possible due to situational circumstances. In situations where a cat's behavior prevents them from traditional adoption opportunities, these cats are reviewed for suitability in the Working Cat Program.
  2. What jobs can a working cat do?
    A working cat is intended to help with pest control around areas of businesses and homes. They can be placed anywhere from barns, warehouses, wineries, churches and more.
  3. By completing this application, it means that you are interested in adopting a cat that has been placed into the Working Cat program. These cats are spayed/neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. As this is an adoption you must be present to complete the adoption paperwork and microchip registration. While there are no adoption fees for cats selected for this program by PCAS, adopters are required to purchase licensing for their working cat.
  4. This information will be used to check files on the Animal Abuse Registry.
  5. Where will your cat(s) be working?*
  6. I understand that cats suitable for the program are determined by the PCAS staff.*
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