How do I register a property?
First you need to create an account on the Vacant Registry website. Select the icon called "Property Registration Ordinance System" and follow the steps to create an account.Vacant Registry Website

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1. How do I register a property?
2. How may I pay the fee?
3. If there are violations will I be notified?
4. Is there a fee to register?
5. What do I do if the property is sold or the Lis Pendens and foreclosure action is terminated?
6. What do I do if any of the information I submitted changes?
7. What if I have general questions about the ordinance?
8. What is the Pasco County Foreclosure Registry and who needs to register?
9. When do I renew?
10. Where do I find the application form to register?
11. When I register will I receive a receipt?
12. What if I have trouble registering?