Fire Rescue Support Services Division


The Fire Rescue Supply Complex is located at 2036 Chesapeake Drive in Odessa, Florida, in the heart of Pasco County. The complex supports both Suppression and Rescue with medical supplies, safety gear, clothing and equipment.


The Support Service Division (formerly Fire Rescue Supply) was renamed in 2017. The name change was made in order to more accurately represent the function of FRSS.

Support Services is located in Odessa, within close proximity to the center of the County. Consisting of a two-building complex, FRSS houses over 500 medical supply items by slot location according to velocity. From this facility, orders are received and selected on a bi-weekly basis; all 26 Career and 3 Volunteer facilities receive their requested supplies in a bin/tote exchange process the same week orders are placed.

The two-building facility, of nearly 6,500 square feet of storage, is centrally located in the county. Technology includes a bar-coded inventory and distribution process, and a state-of-the-art color-coded order selection process. The facility maximizes space, and is slotted on a velocity basis - allowing for minimal travel time (while selecting orders) - with room for growth projected into the next decade.

The complex serves the 30 plus fire stations and emergency services buildings on a weekly basis, delivering to all locations at least twice per month. Fire Rescue Supply is prepared to accommodate the ever expanding department with over 600 line items (equipment and medical supplies), along with over 200 special order items.

The 2nd facility on the nearly two acre complex is a converted Fire Station (old 15) housing equipment, gear, clothing, station sundries, stretchers, gas engine parts, foam, mattresses, and additional supply items. There is a break room and functional kitchen.

The Division is managed by the Support Services Officer, (John Luecke-13 years), and staffed by the Support Services Rescue Coordinator (Ron Hollar-10 years), Support Services Suppression Coordinator (Gary Peak-5 years), Support Services Logistics Technician (Don Price-3 years), and the Volunteer Lieutenant (Al Schmidt-25 years).

The operation begins promptly at 0500 and is manned Monday through Friday with staff on call to assist in any issues after hours. Some of these issues are narcotics exchanges, PPE issues, or anything that may involve or necessitate assistance. All staff are certified in PPE (NFPA 1851) fittings, advanced inspection, repair, and helmet inspection. The team at “Support” has a motto posted in several locations it reads, “We want the Crews (our Customers) to feel as our friends and we want them to know they don’t have a BETTER friend than the Staff at Fire Rescue Support Services.” This statement reflects our commitment to the best service we can provide.

We truly are committed to the ENTIRE staff and appreciate all they do!! We are proudly serving those who save others!!”