Smart Irrigation Controller Rebate

What, exactly, is a smart irrigation controller?

Smart irrigation controllers can keep your landscape healthy while providing the optimal amount of water for your plants. Watering at the appropriate levels saves valuable drinking water and helps prevent lawn-destroying fungus and disease. There are two types: Evapotranspiration(ET) controllers monitor weather conditions and adjust water delivery accordingly. Soil moisture sensors measure how much water is already in the soil and interrupts the automatic irrigation system when enough moisture is present.

Is Pasco County Utilities sending emails to customers to advise them they are qualified to receive a rebate of up to $250 for smart irrigation controller rebate?

Yes. Approximately 4,500 Pasco County Utilities customers are being sent emails advising them that they are pre-qualified to either receive a rebate of up to $250 to have a licensed irrigation contractor of their choice install a smart irrigation controller or to elect to have the rebate provider’s contractor install one free of charge.

How were email recipients for the rebate offer pre-qualified?

Pre-qualification to receive the offer was determined by Tampa Bay Water, our wholesale water provider. Tampa Bay Water makes this determination based on water use history as well as the potential for the smart irrigation controller to result in less water use and lower water costs.

What if I am a Pasco County resident interested in receiving a smart controller rebate, but I did not receive an email from Pasco County Utilities offering a rebate?

Interested participants, not on the pre-qualified list, can contact the rebate administration office at 888-491-0033 or to request an account review for possible program participation.   

Why do I need to contact Tampa Bay Water about a rebate offered by Pasco County Utilities?

The rebate is provided as a partnership program between Pasco County Utilities, Tampa Bay Water, and the Southwest Florida Water Management District. Tampa Bay Water is the regional wholesale water provider for Pasco County Utilities, and they are managing this joint program for the region.

I purchased and self-installed a smart controller several months ago. May I receive one of the rebates?

Unfortunately, no. Rebates only are offered when the smart controller was installed by a licensed irrigation contractor.

  • Installed by a licensed contractor, either by a licensed irrigation contractor of your choice or by a program-associated installer.
  • Match one of the four identified models eligible for rebate.
  • Rebated within 1 (one) year of purchase.

I own investment properties in Pasco County where I am interested in upgrading to smart irrigation controllers. I did not receive an email rebate offer? Am I eligible for a rebate at this property?

Use the pre-qualification button at to determine if your property is included for the smart controller rebate program. If you own multiple single-family residential rental properties in Pasco County, please email Pasco County Utilities for assistance in submitting a multiple property rebate application.

How long is the rebate offer valid?

The rebate program is a multi-year program based on funding availability. It is anticipated that the program will be available in future years; however, availability is not guaranteed. Additionally, program eligibility is updated annually and is based on water use history as well as the potential for the device to result in less water use.

If I have a smart irrigation controller, do I still have to comply with local watering restrictions?

Yes. The presence of a smart controller does not override watering restrictions. Information about smart controller variances is available online from the water management district

I use reclaimed water for irrigation. Am I eligible to receive a smart controller rebate?

No. Homeowners must irrigate with an automatic, in-ground irrigation system that uses potable water to be eligible for the smart irrigation controller rebate.