Fiscal Year 2021-22

1. Baillies Bluff Road
Anclote Boulevard to Strauber Memorial Highway

2. Blanton Road
Parrish Grove Road to 21st Street

3. Little Road VI and VII
Denton Avenue to Hudson Avenue

4. Arcola Avenue
Arcola in its entirety 

5. Embassy Boulevard
US 19 to Regency Park Boulevard

6. Cobra Way
Hudson Avenue to the school entrance

7. Kitten Trail
Coyote Road to Teresa Boulevard

8. Ryals Road
Primrose Lane to Southbrook Avenue 

9. Clocktower Parkway I
Beacon Woods (U.S. 19 to Clocktower Parkway), Clocktower Parkway (Beacon Wood Drive to Majestic Boulevard), Majestic Boulevard (Clocktower Parkway to SR52)

10. Duck Slough Boulevard
Trinity Boulevard to SR54

11. Florestate Drive
Sections of Florestate Drive and Gulf Breeze Circle

12. Hudson Avenue
Hicks Road to Hays Road