Animal Control Advisory Committee


Meetings are called either by the Chairman, by written notice signed by four members of the Animal Control Advisory Committee (ACAC) or by action of the ACAC at a meeting, general or special, upon 24 hours notice.


The ACAC consists of 13 members who are residents and registered voters in Pasco County. The members are appointed by the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) for their interest in animal control programs conducted by the County. ACAC terms shall run concurrently with the nominating County Commissioner. The ACAC members shall be selected as follows:

  • 1 member from Pasco Animal Welfare Society, Inc.
  • 1 member from Pet Aid Service Society, Inc.
  • 1 member from the county Health Department
  • 1 member from the county Humane Society
  • 1 member from the Sheriff Office
  • 1 member from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
  • 2 members shall be licensed veterinarians, one of whom is actively engaged in business within that part of the county lying east of Highway 41 and the other of whom is actively engaged in a business lying west of Highway 41
  • 5 members from the citizenry at large, one from each commission district


The ACAC acts in an advisory capacity to the BCC on matters involving the animal population within the County. The ACAC shall furnish information, advice, and counsel to the BCC with respect to the appropriate means and methods by which the County may adequately provide for protection of its animal population while at the same time protect the citizens of the County from unwarranted intrusions by uncontrolled animals.