Land Development Code Revisions: Phase 1

This process will begin with Chapter 500: Zoning

The County's Zoning Ordinance is located in Chapter 500 of the Land Development Code. This chapter was relocated and renumbered, but not revised during the 2012 LDC Revision project. This chapter lists each zoning district sequentially and includes things like lot dimensions and uses. Since the zoning regulations are formatted this way, revising information sometimes requires making edits to all 26 zoning district subsections in this chapter. This formatting also makes it more difficult to compare uses and dimensional standards across districts, as users need to open multiple sections of the document to compare at a time. 

Phase 1

The first phase of the revision aims to consolidate Chapter 500 to align with best practice in land development regulation. The revision does 3 things: Groups Dimensional Standards, Adds a Use Standards Section, and Adds Tables to Show Where Uses are Allowed.

Overall Changes:

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  1. 1. Grouping of Dimensional Standards
  2. 2. A Use Standards Section Added
  3. 3. Table Added to Show Where Uses are Allowed

Dimensional standards control how far buildings are located from the street, minimum yard sizes, and how much space buildings can take up on a lot. 

Dimensional standards for each zoning district are grouped into categories. The standards for each district are listed in the table, rather than the current format of text strings. This standardizes how dimensional standards are listed, and makes it easier to compare zoning districts. 

In the future, these tables will make it easier to modify dimensional requirements, if appropriate. 

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506.3 Dimensional Standards Chart image, leads to readable PDF

Zoning Categories are: 

  • Agricultural  
    • AC, AC-1 
  • Agricultural Residential 
    • A-R, AR-1, AR-5
  • Single Family Residential 
    • R-2, R-3, R-4
  • Residential 
    • AR-5MH, R-MH, R-1MH, R-2MH
  • Multi-Unit Residential 
    • MF-1, MF-2, MF-3
  • Commercial 
  • Office 
  • Industrial