Gateway Blvd. Force Main Repair

Update 11/23/20: Pasco County Utilities (PCU) Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Team successfully repaired the ruptured sewer force main along Gateway Boulevard on Friday, November 20, 2020. The PCU O&M Team will continue to be on site through the end of next week for restoration and retrieval work. There will be no impact to services provided, no risk to public health, and the restoration work being done will have no impact to the flow of traffic.  

Update 11/20/20: Pasco County Utilities (PCU) Operations & Maintenance Department (O&M) is actively working to repair a ruptured sewer force main in the Village Brook Community of Wesley Chapel along Gateway Boulevard.  Residents will not experience an interruption in service or detours as a result of the repair work, and there is no risk to public health.  However, please be advised that Pasco County Utilities crews are expected to be onsite through next week.  A completion date for the emergency repair is not known at this time.

To ensure safety and odor issues are addressed, PCU activated a team to isolate and stop the spill caused by a ruptured 16” sewer force main.

“The activated response team was able to divert flow of the collection system and use vactor collection trucks to retrieve any spilled liquids,” said Utilities Operations & Maintenance Director Jason Mickel.

All regulatory entities have been notified including State Watch Office, State Warning Point, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the Florida Department of Health. View Media Release