A More In-Depth Look

Download the Land Acquisition Flow Chart (PDF)for a more in-depth look at the acquisition process and to have assurance that the lands are protected in the future for the Public and Pasco County citizens.

"The Assessments of Measures to Protect Wildlife Habitat in Pasco County Report" (prepared by Glatting Jackson and accepted by the Board of County Commissioners in March 2002) assisted in developing a program for wildlife habitat protection in the County.

Nomination Form

If you would like to nominate a property please fill out and mail or email us the Parcel Nomination form.

Environmental Lands Acquisition Selection Committee (ELASC)

The ELASC shall consist of eleven volunteer members. Five members shall have at the minimum a bachelor’s degree in the natural and/or environmental sciences. These five members shall also comprise the Scientific Subcommittee. Four other members shall have expertise in at least one of the following fields: real estate, business, or finance. One member shall have expertise in governmental affairs (with an emphasis in funding sources). One member shall be a layperson with interest in the program and the ELASC. At all times no more than three members of the ELASC may be nonresidents of Pasco County. Members shall be appointed by the BOCC and shall be subject to the Sunshine Law.

ELASC Members

Eva Bailey, Scientific Subcommittee

 Sharon Hanna-West, Real Estate/Business/Finance

 Clark Hull Jr., Real Estate/Business/Finance

 Dr. Chris Miller, Scientific Subcommittee

Brian Panico- Scientific Subcommittee

Patty Fesmire, Scientific Subcommittee

Janice Howie, Layperson

Joanne Hurley, Real Estate/Business/Finance

Joshua McCart, Scientific Subcommittee

For More Information

If you’d like more information on any of the properties listed on the map, or if you’d like more information on the nomination and acquisition process, please email Tammy Odierna, the Acquisition Coordinator.