Capital Projects

Capital Projects are defined as one-time activities which are non-recurring in nature that provide for the acquisition, improvement, development, construction, or extension of the useful life of the County’s capital assets. Capital assets include, but are not limited to, land, buildings, parks, streets, utilities, and other items of value from which the community derives benefits.

To qualify for inclusion in the Capital Budget, the project must have a total cost of at least $50,000, an anticipated useful life of at least 5 years, and meet one of the following criteria:

It is a new construction, expansion, renovation, or replacement project for an existing facility or facilities. This provision includes planning, engineering, architectural, and feasibility studies, as well as vehicles, equipment, and supplies necessary to complete the project.

It is a major maintenance or rehabilitation project that meets the criteria of extending the useful life of an existing facility or facilities.

  1. T.J. Pyche

    Chief Project Manager
    Phone: 727-834-3292