Athletic Field Use - Covid-19

Update 9/8/2020

Pasco County Parks, Recreation and Natural Resources athletic fields are open (that are not currently under maintenance) with restrictions. Field use will be open for general walk-in use on fields that are not reserved, however social distancing guidelines remain in effect.  Field use will be open to youth leagues based on reservations and an approved plan for safe play.

In order to participate in field play at this time, cosponsored youth organizations are asked to submit a plan that outlines how the organization will adhere to CDC social distancing guidelines. Please specify group sizes and field setup as well as projected risk level (i.e., Lowest Risk: Performing skill-building drills or conditioning at home, alone or with family members; Increasing Risk: Team-based practice; More Risk: Within-team competition; Even More Risk: Full competition between teams from the same local geographic area; or Highest Risk: Full competition between teams from different geographic areas .

Social distancing guidelines remain in place and every practical precaution should be taken to keep children, coaches, volunteers, parents and spectators safe as you return to play.  You can visit the CDC website and see recommendations for youth sports at the following link:

Additionally, please work with the Site Supervisor or main contact of the facility you utilize, for seeding schedules.   Once we’ve reviewed and approved your plan for safe play, we will notify your organization with permission for field play in accordance with your approved plan and reservation. 

Please submit safe play plans to your respective superintendent:;;;

Thank you for your cooperation during this very difficult time.