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Acquisition Updates

Service updates and information will be posted to this section throughout the duration of the Pasco Aqua System Acquisition.

Project Summary

In order to successfully transition from the existing utility infrastructure within the Pasco Aqua communities to the County’s centralized utility system, Pasco County Utilities has contracted with Stroud Engineering Consultants, Inc. to design the necessary system improvements. These planned improvements include interconnection of the potable water piping within the communities to the County’s water system in multiple locations to provide redundant and consistent water quality; installation of new sewage pumping stations at the Jasmine Lakes and Palm Terrace Gardens and force main piping upgrades to transfer wastewater flows to the County’s collection system, and subsequent demolition of the existing wastewater treatment facilities at both sites.  

Update 3/9/21 - The majority of the design activities have been completed thus far and it is anticipated that design documents will be finalized within the next two months, to be followed directly by procurement of a qualified utility contractor to install the proposed utility improvements and formally transition to the County’s centralized system.
Update 8/6/20 - On Monday, August 10, 2020, Pasco County Utilities begins the meter change out program for Zephyr Shores. 

Pasco County Utilities has contracted with National Metering Services, Inc. (NMS) to remove and replace the current water meters in your community. This change is necessary to bring the Aqua System onto the Pasco County Utilities (PCU) system. This change allows PCU to read and maintain your meter. To perform this required maintenance, NMS will need access to the meter box or meter servicing your property. Access to inside your home or business is NOT necessary, but please know your water service will be interrupted for approximately 30 minutes when NMS is working at your property. We ask that you secure pets, and please make sure the meter box area is clear of debris for the safety of the meter technicians. 

NMS technicians, wearing highly visible safety gear and uniforms, will be performing this service in your community during the next 3 weeks, starting on Monday, August 10, 2020. For any questions about this meter change out program, please call Pasco County Utilities at 813-235-6012 or email us at

Update 7/1/20 - PCU team members welcome approximately 3,300 former Florida Governmental Utility Authority (FGUA) customers, and is working diligently to ensure a seamless transition for the Jasmine Lakes, Palm Terrace Gardens, and Zephyr Shores communities. New customers are encouraged to email any questions to

Update 6/8/20: A letter mailed to all future customersdetailing the first bill to be received from PCU in July 2020, and the last bill to be received from FGUA in June 2020.

View Letter with Billing Details and Payment Options

Update 5/22/20: PCU sent a letter to all future customers welcoming each resident as one our newest water and wastewater customers starting July 1, 2020. Customers may receive advanced calls and emails to help ensure a smooth transition into our customer service and billing systems.

To facilitate the transfer of your FGUA water and wastewater account to PCU, please take the following steps to ensure a seamless transition:

  1. Review your Mailing Address and Billing Address located at the top of this letter and email us any corrections needed to, or call us at 813-235-6012. 
  2. Make no further payments to FGUA after you pay them for your final bill, which you should receive from them in June 2020. 
  3. Cancel any automatic bank draft payments you have with FGUA effective July 1, 2020. You may return to that payment method after you become a PCU customer. 

View Letter with Additional Details

Update 2/6/20: The Pasco County Board of County Commissioners (BCC) held its public interest hearing on November 19, 2019. The BCC found the acquisition of the PAUS to be in the public interest. On December 10, 2020, the BCC approved and signed the Transition Agreement (UT20-0135). On January 16, 2020, the Florida Governmental Utility Authority (FGUA) Board of Directors also found the acquisition to be in the public interest, and signed the Transition Agreement, as well. Transition activities continue, and the transition is on track to take effect this summer.

Pasco County Utilities Pasco Aqua System Acquisition Updates
(September 11,2019)

Pasco County Utilities is committed to a smooth transition 
for the Pasco Aqua Utility System

The much anticipated acquisition of the Pasco Aqua Utility System (PAUS), by Pasco County Utilities (PCU), is scheduled to take effect during the summer of 2020. PCU is committed to implementing a seamless transition by providing project updates on a regular basis.  The following proactive steps are intended to ensure community awareness and engagement:

  • Acquisition IntentPasco County Resolution 19-101 notified the Florida Governmental Utility Authority (FGUA) on February 19, 2019, of PCU’s intent to acquire PAUS as well as assume the associated debt.
  • Minimizing the Overall Impact: Stantec Consulting Services, Inc., (SCS) performed an Acquisition Financial Impact Analysis for the acquisition and integration of PAUS. The analysis developed by SCS provided possible scenarios to minimize the overall impact to future PAUS Customers and existing PCU Customers.  Evaluations of the projected cash flow, PCU expenses, annual renewal and replacement, capital improvements, as well as the debt load, term, and coverage ratio requirements were all factors in determining the financial impact.
  • Next Steps: Further investigation of the PAUS is currently being conducted by PCU staff in anticipation of the state law required public interest hearing to be held before the end of 2019.  A Transition Agreement for PAUS is also being drafted by Pasco County and FGUA to establish the path for acquisition.

Pasco County Utilities has a long-standing mission to support customers and provide high-quality water, wastewater, reclaimed water, and solid waste services.  Visit for more information about services provided by Pasco County Utilities.

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