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Seniors who attend dining centers/congregate meal sites or receive home delivered meals, please call 727-834-3340, for information about the continuation of services. All Pasco County Senior Centers are closed, and all senior programs, activities, classes, and meetings are cancelled until further notice. 

Please call 727-834-3340 with any questions.

COVID-19 coronavirus has a disproportionate effect on seniors and people with debilitating medical conditions. Families, which have people in close proximity to each other, also are highly susceptible.

An emergency order issued by Florida’s governor restricts access to nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and similar places. Families, too, can take steps to avoid contracting the virus.  Establish a household plan that makes it clear what will happen if a family member contracts COVID-19. How will the infected person be isolated from others? Make sure everyone in the family knows the plan. 

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