Environmental Lands Acquisition and Management Program

The Environmental Lands Acquisition and Management Program (ELAMP) was created in July of 2004 when Pasco County adopted Referendum No. 04-233. ELAMP is responsible for purchasing environmentally sensitive lands throughout the County by either fee title or less-than-fee methods. Funding is provided through a portion of the Penny For Pasco surtax. Partnerships with state and federal agencies are sought to supplement the Penny funds. Since 2005, approximately 6255 acres have been acquired in fee simple or less-than-fee transactions..


  • Protect natural communities including uplands and wetlands
  • Connect natural linkages
  • Conserve viable populations of native plants and animals
  • Protect habitat for listed species
  • Protect water resources and wetland systems
  • Protect unique natural resources
  • Enhance resource-based recreational opportunities
  • Expand environmental education opportunities.