Pasco Coastal Drainage System Banner UPDATED


Pasco County is located on the west coast of Central Florida north of Tampa Bay. Four primary streams flow through Pasco County, including the Hillsborough River, the Withlacoochee River, the Anclote River and the Pithlachascotee River. There are 19 watersheds (PDF) within Pasco County.

To learn more about the watershed you live in visit our Watershed News web pages.

Drainage System & Illegal Dumping

Keep the drainage systems clean. Do not dump or discard anything into the ditches, streams, ponds or drainage structures. Debris contributes to blockages within the drainage system and can cause unintended flooding. Remember, only rain down the drain.

Illicit dumping of debris in the drainage system can be reported to the Customer Service Center.

For additional information about the drainage system in Pasco County visit the Stormwater Management web page.

Development Permits

Prior to beginning any construction, including building, altering, grading or filling, on your property check with Building Construction Services to inquire if a permit is needed; and if you are hiring a contractor, to see that the contractor has the proper licenses.

Unpermitted construction activity can be reported to the Customer Service Center.