Pasco Flood Insurance Banner UPDATED

All Pasco property owners may purchase flood insurance regardless of the Flood Zone in which the property is located. Flood Insurance is MANDATORY when the property is located in either an A or V Zone AND has a Federally-backed mortgage. In most cases there is a 30-day waiting period before flood insurance becomes effective.

Flood Insurance Changes Effective April 2016 (PDF)

Every property is in a Flood Zone. The Zone designation varies according to the level of Flood Risk. In Pasco County properties can be located in three zones which are labeled as the V, A, or X zones. 

V Zone: V zones generally include coastal properties. Properties within the V zones are subject to rising water and wave action.

A Zone:  A zone properties are typically subject to fresh water flooding from rainfall, or from rising overflow from a lake, river, stream or other body of water. The different A zones are named depending on the way in which they might be flooded.

X Zone: Properties in the X zone have a lower risk of flooding, but may be affected by water created by exceptionally heavy rainfall.

FEMA's Video Update on NFIP

Changes to the National Flood Insurance Program

It is important to remember that Homeowners insurance does not cover floods. To find out more about the National Flood Insurance Program, determining your risk, evaluating your insurance needs along with available structural and content coverage visit Flood Smart and contact your insurance agent today.

FEMA Office of the Flood Insurance Advocate

Your insurance agent and mortgage lender are not the only source of information about flood insurance. Because of ongoing changes in the NFIP program, in 2014 FEMA launched the Interim Office of the Flood Insurance Advocate (OFIA). Their representatives provide one-on-one assistance to citizens and policyholders on how to navigate the National Flood Insurance Program. Access the OFIA.