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Know Your Flood Risk

The Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) detailed digital flood hazard maps reflect current flood risks for Pasco County.

The latest maps, also referred to as Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) are in a digital format known as Digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps (DFIRMs). The DFIRMs, along with the Flood Insurance Study (FIS) (PDF) became effective September 26, 2014 after an 18-month Flood Map Modernization process. The maps illustrate flood hazards throughout the County and are used when determining flood insurance policy rates. Residents and businesses can view the maps to better understand their potential flood risks to help identify steps they may need to take to protect against property damage and loss.

View the PascoMapper.

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Learn about the watersheds and drainage systems within Pasco County and how everyone can do their part in keeping the drainage systems in working order.