Final Local Mitigation Strategy

2019 Local Mitigation Strategy (LMS)

  1. LMS 2019 Cover Page
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Executive Summary
  4. I: Planning Process Section
  5. II: Hazard Identification Risk Assessment
  6. III: Mitigation Strategy
  7. Appendix A: Membership and Meetings
  8. Appendix B: Special Needs Registration Information
  9. Appendix C: Active LMS Project List
  10. Appendix D: Repetitive Loss Properties and Repetitive Loss Areas
  11. Appendix E: Pasco County Federally Declared Emergencies and Major Disasters
  12. Appendix F: NCEI Weather Data 1950-2018
  13. Appendix G: Community HazMat Reports
  14. Appendix H: Hazard Impact and Estimated Losses
  15. Appendix I: Sinkhole Alley Article
  16. Appendix J: Mitigation Innovation
  17. Appendix K: Pasco County and Municipal Resolutions
  18. Appendix L: CWPP
  19. Appendix M: Flood Information Study
  20. Appendix N: Glossary of Commonly Used LMS Terms
  21. Appendix O: Reference of Commonly Used LMS Terms