Connected City- 2019

Florida Counties Foundation Honors Pasco County’s Connected City

~~Development Services wins fourth award for America’s First Smart Gigabit Community~~

PASCO COUNTY, FL  ----  Pasco County Planning and Development is proud to share its fourth award for Connected City: America’s First Smart Gigabit Community Built From the Ground Up.  The latest accolade is the Florida Counties Foundation 2019 County Government Best Practices Award, recognizing Pasco County’s outstanding achievements in creating new, efficient and effective solutions to challenges facing local governments.

“America’s First Smart Community will have the fastest internet speeds, roads ready for driverless vehicles, smart homes and credits for incorporating new gigabit technologies and solar power,” said Pasco County Special Projects Manager Ernest Monaco.  “We’re truly developing the future today.”

 Development Services received these awards for its creation of a unique, forward-thinking development plan that encourages companies with higher-paying jobs to call Pasco County home. The plan maintains a true 21st century “live, work, play,” focus that follows sustainability principles and improves protection of natural resources in the area while still capturing technological advances.

Connected City Awards: 

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