Traffic Calming Program

What is Traffic Calming and how can I have it installed in my neighborhood?

Objectives to Traffic Calming

  • Encourage motorists to drive slower.
  • Increase driver attentiveness in residential areas.
  • Induce drivers to stay on the collector system and not cut through residential streets. Increase pedestrian safety.
  • Return the residential streets to the residences for multi-modal use, (bike, pedestrian, vehicle).

Types of Traffic Calming Devices

  • Speed Tables – 18’ – 22’ foot design
  • Roundabouts
  • Street narrowing
  • Chicanes
  • One Way Traffic
  • Diverters

The type of device Installed is dependent upon the existing road design and right-of-way. Speed cushions will be used in the majority of Installations.

Warrants for Traffic Calming

  • Local residential streets only, installation on collector roads will not be permitted.
  • Posted speed of 30 MPH or less.
  • 85th percentile speed: 5 MPH or greater over posted speed.
  • Pavement width: 24 feet or less.
  • Average daily traffic volume: 3000 or less.



  • Reduces speeds in the area.
  • Self-enforcing.
  • May reduce cut through traffic.
  • Reduces need for traffic enforcement.
  • Streets become safer for other activities.
  • Increases EMS & FIRE response times.
  • May increase speeds between speed tables.
  • May create noise.
  • Requires additional signs and markings.
  • Increased maintenance costs.

How is this funded?

Installation is funded by assessment of all effected property owners for the cost of the devices.

What is the cost?

The cost for traffic calming devices is contingent upon the type of device and quantity required. As an example, the cost to install a set of speed cushions with signs and markings is approximately $12,000 for each pair. This does not include overhead and administrative costs for a project.

How to Request Traffic Calming

To request traffic calming contact the Pasco County Customer Service

1-727-847-2411 (New Port Richey)
1-352-523-2411 (Dade City)
1-813-996-2411 (Land O' Lakes)
1-727-847-8949 (TTY)
1-800-368-2411 (Long Distance)
Online requests - View Customer Service Center (follow prompts).

Procedure to Install Traffic Calming:

Requests for traffic calming from five (5) homes on a street are required. Once five requests are received, a warrant study will be scheduled. If minimum warrants are not met, a petition will not be processed.

Calming Petition Requirements:

Upon completion of the warrant study and minimum warrants are met, a petition can proceed.

The petition is circulated by the designated petition leader. In order for the devices to be installed, seventy five (75%) of all property owners on a street (s) where traffic calming devices will be installed must respond to the petition. Sixty (60%} of the votes received in response to the petition shall be in the affirmative.

Upon approval by 60% of 75% of the effected property owners, and the approval by the Board Of County Commissioners at a public hearing, the project can proceed to final design and construction.

If the petition fails to attain approval by 60% of 75% of the effected property owners, then the project cannot proceed.

Removal of traffic calming:

No petition for removal shall be considered until devices have been in place a minimum of three (3) years. The procedure for petitioning for removal is the same as that for installation.

Re-installation following removal:

Once devices have been removed, no petition for re-installation shall be permitted for five (5) calendar years following removal.

A new warrant study would be required for re-­installation.

Speed Cushions with Advance Speed Reduction Markings

Traffic Calming Speed Cushions with Adv Speed Reduction Markings

Speed Cushions

Traffic Calming Speed Cushions

Speed Table with Island

Traffic Calming Speed Table with Island