Team Spotlight

Pasco County Parks, Recreation and Natural Resources is proud to congratulate our Employee and Leader of the Year for 2018!

 Cindy Szappan 2018 Employee of the Year

Cindy Szappan was chosen as 2018’s Employee of the Year, as she consistently and clearly surpasses performance requirements of her position. She is an exceptional employee who puts her heart and soul into every event and program she coordinates and oversees. Cindy is an extremely hard working individual who is always willing to do what it takes to assist her team and provide guidance where needed. Cindy has sensational customer service skills and will go out of her way to accommodate the needs and requests of her internal and external customers. She leads by example and with confidence. Her team and the teams at other department sites have the utmost respect for her and call on her if they need guidance or assistance. Cindy sets the example of being a positive role model for other employees. She consistently assists and works with fellow employees without having to be asked; eagerly participates in group or team projects; and thinks of others and the needs of the enterprise before thinking of herself. Thank you Cindy for representing our department as 2018’s Employee of the Year!

Cristina Cordon 2018 Leader of the YearCristina Cordon was selected as the Department’s Leader of the Year to acknowledge her outstanding leadership as Passive Parks Superintendent. Cristina manages 15 parks and an environmental education center, and supervises 32 employees. Cristina designs and oversees the installation of new amenities, gives presentations at public meetings, and responds to citizen concerns, maintenance needs, and emergencies. She tracks a multitude of assigned tasks ranging from routine daily work to complex capital projects, and consistently produces high quality results. She rearranges her schedule as needed to support her team and routinely works weekends to ensure park events run smoothly. She does all of this while maintaining a positive attitude and upbeat demeanor. She displays exemplary leadership qualities seven days a week. For these reasons, we were very pleased to select her as 2018’s Leader of the Year. Congratulations, Cristina, and thank you for all you do!