Gulf Coast Highway (U.S. Highway 19) Landscape Rehabilitation Project

Stock image of landscaping.

U.S. Highway 19 (SR 55) is a coastal highway in Pasco County running parallel to the Gulf of Mexico with portions that are within a mile or less of the Gulf. In 2017, the West Pasco Chamber of Commerce worked with the Florida Legislature to designate U.S. Highway 19 in Pasco County as the “Gulf Coast Highway.” The Gulf Coast Highway spans 20 miles and contains 9.4 miles of medians that are landscaped with bahia sod.

Pasco County is working to beautify the corridor with landscaping that has a coastal theme. The landscape rehabilitation project is a multi-phase effort funded by the Florida Department of Transportation through a Beautification Grant. ​​

On July 14, 2016, Pasco County was informed it was the recipient of a $1M Highway Landscaping Grant for use on the beautification efforts for the Gulf Coast Highway. In summer of 2018, Pasco County received an additional $1M in funding associated with Phase II and subsequently, an additional $1M was awarded to Pasco County in the winter of 2018. Beautification efforts are anticipated to be completed within five (5) phases that will span the length of the corridor.

​​​​A cooperative effort was formed by the West Pasco Chamber of Commerce and the West Pasco Board of Realtors to create the Gulf Coast Highway Roadway Maintenance Organization (RMO). A nonprofit entity that will manage, maintain and water landscape improvements after the Contractor’s warranty period.

Planted Medjool at U.S. Highway 19 and Mile Stretch

Project Schedule

Project Phase
Start Finish
Fiscal Year
Funded Amount
Phase I Design
Spring 2017 Summer 2018
Phase I Construction
Fall 2018 Fall 2019
Phase II Design
Winter 2018 Summer 2019
Phase II Construction
Summer 2019 Spring 2020
Phase III Design Winter 2018 Winter 2019
Phase III Construction Summer 2019 Spring 2020

​The beautification initiatives that will transform the corridor are a key element in the implementation of The Harbors - West Market District Plan developed by the Planning and Development Department. ​​​​The management of the design and construction phases of the project is being overseen by the Engineering Services Department. The design and permitting for Phase I, was completed in summer of 2018. In November of 2018, the Board of County Commissioners awarded the Construction Contract for Phase I to Morelli Landscaping, Inc. ​​Construction will be starting in January of 2019 in the Holiday area between Phoenix Avenue to West Wood Drive and continue into Hudson, between Stahl Drive and Hudson Avenue, and from Flounder Drive to Maryland Avenue. ​​

​For more information please contact: ​

Richard J Marcel, Project Manager
​Engineering Services
​Phone: (727) 834-3604 Ext. 1613

Gulf Coast Highway (U.S. Highway 19) Location Map