Pall Aeropower


Almost 5 years to the date, Pall Aeropower is approved for an additional Job Creation Incentive award!  Another 56 new full-time jobs will be added to their New Port Richey location with an average annual wage of more than $79,000 (> 200%) of the current rate.

Pall Aeropower is Expanding!

Pall Aeropower is focused on developing, manufacturing and selling products such as filtration, separation, and purification elements and monitoring devices to a variety of customers in the Energy, Water, Aeropower and Microelectronics markets.

In October, 2013, Pall Aeropower was approved for the Job Creation Incentive and Florida Qualified Targeted Industry awards. At the time of the application, Pasco County's average annual wage was $32,161, but Pall would be hiring for 28 new positions at an average annual wage of at least $37,000 (>115%).

Manufacturing Industry of the Year Award  

PEDC Manufacturing Industry of the Year Category 2 | 2012 from VHVIDEO.COM on Vimeo.

In 2012, Pall Aeropower had about 552 people employed in the 183,000 square foot building on 57 acres in New Port Richey when they made a $5MM capital investment for a new prototype lab, security, and equipment.