Central Permitting Refund Policy and Procedures

Updated: 10/05/2018

General Information:

 No refund shall be issued on permits of less than forty dollars ($40.00) or where an

inspection has been conducted.

 All applications for permit refunds must be received within six months of permit


 Plan Examination, Site Examination, Technology Fees, and Mobility Admin fees

are nonrefundable.

 Fees that are eligible for refund will be subject to 30% retainage for administrative


Refund Letters:

 A signed and notarized letter requesting refund. Letter should be typed and on

company letterhead (if applicable).

 Include permit number and address related to permit.

 Letters may be submitted via email to CentralPermittingFiscal@pascocountyfl.net

Supplemental Information/Requirements:

 Copy of receipt related to refund request.

 Original Permit (if issued).

 Refunds paid via Check:

         o Front and back copy of cleared check(s) is required.

         o Check copies may be emailed to CentralPermittingFiscal@pascocountyfl.net

         o Refund will be issued via check. Please allow 6 – 8 weeks from time all required                          documents are received.

 Refunds paid via Credit Card

         o Credit Card Convenience Fees are non-refundable.

         o Refunds will be returned to your credit card within 3 – 5 days from time all required                     documents are received.