Current Activities

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  1. Current Activities

Coordination and Current Activities

Representatives of FTE and Pasco County including NV5 (RRE engineer of record) and Dawson and Associates (D&A--Pasco County’s USACE Section 404 Permitting Consultant) conduct regular conference calls and electronic communications with USACE to coordinate activities to fulfill USACE’s CWA 404 permit review requirements. USACE tracks the overall CWA 404 process for the co-application using a summary “flow chart”. The current version of the USACE Flow Chart dated August 16, 2017 is attached.

The co-applicants are in the process of responding to the May 2017 RAI and anticipate responding in fall of 2018. Detailed construction plans are being prepared and are anticipated to be complete prior to the permit decision. Construction funding is available in the current fiscal year.

On August 13, 2018 Pasco County submitted a letter to USACE modifying the design intent for the portion of the RRE from the Suncoast Parkway to US 41 (Phase II of the project). The modified design envisions the Phase II portion to be constructed as an arterial roadway in lieu of one-point limited access. This modification was driven by a change in ownership for a large portion of the land east of the Suncoast Parkway. The new ownership is likely to result in requirements for more access to the Phase II portion than the County originally projected. The new design continues to follow the Modified Alternative 7 alignment. The USACE has issued a new Public Notice to include the modification which is available below.