Wetland Impact Minimization

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  1. Impact Minimization
  2. Compensation for Impacts
  3. Habitat Continuity

Wetland Impact Minimization 

The project has gone through extensive redesign since inception in order to reduce the roadway footprint and wetland impacts (minimization). These minimization efforts have been at substantial cost to the project, and include:

  • Bridging over sensitive areas replacing roadway on embankment with 16 bridges totaling 6,680 feet of bridge.
  • Steepening roadside slopes in some locations, resulting in the need for shoulder gutter and guardrail.
  • Incorporating mechanically stabilized earth walls in some locations to replace roadside slopes.
  • Vertical wall and pedestrian rail in lieu of slopes in some locations.

The following table shows the impact reduction when compared to the design at the time of the 2011 public notice: