Excessive Temperatures

Extreme Heat

Occurs when temperature and humidity levels are high, typically over 90 degrees, for 2 or more consecutive days.

Can it actually be too hot?

Extreme Heat is often the highest cause of death for all weather related hazards and is considered the “silent killer” as it can occur quickly and force the human body to work harder to maintain body temperature.

Heat Index

•Heat Index is the discomfort felt as a result of air temperature combined with humidity.

•It is often referred to as the “feels like” temperature during hot months and is used to determine rate the danger of heat exposure on the human body as described below. 

Extreme Cold

Occurs when temperatures and wind chills are dangerously low, typically air temperature is below freezing and wind chill values are extremely low.

Its Florida, is this something I need to be concerned with?

The Tampa Bay Region has a record low of 18 degrees dating back to 1962. Cold weather does impact Pasco County at least a few times a year during the cold months and is a concern for local authorities as most Florida homes are not built for cold temperatures.

Wind Chill

•Wind Chill is how cold it actually feels on your skin when wind blows away the thin layer of warm air surrounding your skin.

•It is often referred to as the “feels like” temperature during cold months and may increase the risk of developing frostbite or hypothermia for longer exposure.