PCAS Feline Intake Policy

Cats in Pasco County are not subject to a leash law and as such, have free roam. This means that stray/feral and even owned cats are allowed to be outside and roam as they wish. 

PCAS is not currently accepting owned cats for surrender* or stray/feral cats unless they meet specific criteria.

TNVR (Trap.Neuter.Vaccinate.Return) candidates may be brought to PCAS on Sundays between 9am - 11am for participation in the SNIP TNVR program.


  • Cats that have bitten/scratched a person*
  • Stray cats/kittens that are visibly sick or injured
  • Stray cats that are front declawed
  • Stray cats with a valid form of identification (such as a microchip)
  • Stray kittens with no mother that are under 4 months old/4 lbs
  • Stray cats that are no longer able to fend for themselves

Cats not meeting the above listed criteria will not be accepted at the shelter.

*Any cat found/residing in Pasco County that has bitten or scratched a person can be surrendered. Surrender fees may apply.