Post Disaster Assistance

Report Damages to the State

If a natural disaster occurs, businesses affected by the disaster will be asked to complete an online Business Damage Assessment (BDA) Survey. This link will be provided in the Business section of Pasco's website and will be titled "Businesses Affected by Event Name." It is vital to report the value of the damage you received, even if your insurance will cover the costs. The information you provide will be compiled as survey results and will be shared among various state and local agencies to expedite implementation of appropriate disaster relief programs for affected businesses and to aid in the determination of eligibility to receive assistance through the Emergency Bridge Loan Program.

  1. Emergency Bridge Loan
  2. Disaster Relief Loan

"Florida Small Business Emergency Bridge Loan Program" - This loan program must by activated by the Governor of Florida

Who: Small businesses who have been physically and/or economically impacted by a natural disaster 

What: Short-term, interest-free working capital loan of State of Florida public funds and must be paid back 

Where: Please visit

The Emergency Bridge Loan Program is intended to “bridge the gap” between the time a major catastrophe hits and when a business has secured longer term recovery resources, such as sufficient profits, receipt of payments on insurance claims or federal disaster assistance.  This loan is not designed to be the primary source of assistance, which is why loan eligibility is linked to pursuit of other sources with the expectation that repayment will be made out of receipts from other sources of longer term disaster recovery assistance.

Disaster Cleanup and Your Health

Take precautions to avoid injury or illness occurring in the cleanup process following a disaster. The wide range of hazards range from downed power lines and contaminated waters to hidden molds and toxins.

Disasters are magnified by their consequences on health and health services, so the Center for Disease Control (CDC) serves as an important resource through its Health Studies Branch. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) published cleanup tips specifically for hazards during natural disaster recoveries.

If you encounter hazardous material spills or discharges, call the National Response Center, and contact the National Pesticide Center if applicable. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) outlines reporting for spills and environmental violations.

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