Building Inspections

Ramon Blanco
Deputy Building Official 

Building Construction Services 
Building Inspections   
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P 727-847-8127 Ext. 2333 

Scott Carley
Chief Field Inspector Structural
Building Construction Services
Building Inspections

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Building Inspections

Responsibilities and Services

Mission Statement 

To provide structural inspections at predetermined stages of construction to protect the public from economic harm or injury. Our goal is to provide superior customer service at all times.

Code Changes effective January 1, 2018:

2017 Florida Building Code sixth edition
Please view the most prevalent code changes online

Stay tuned to this page for further updates to our online permits. 

 Building Inspectors

Derek Baker 727-359-9065 Email Derek Baker

Jeffrey Bredbenner 727-809-0546 Email Jeffrey Bredbenner

Christopher Brownell 727-541-5821 Email Christopher Brownell

Stephen Craven 727-514-9021 Email Stephen Craven

Michael Decoteau 727-247-2271 Email Michael Decoteau

Peter Iorio 727-267-4572 Email Peter Iorio

Shon Kriel 727-267-7843 Email Shon Kriel

Richard Lydecker 727-267-7111 Email Richard Lydecker

Matthew Matassa 727-810-0577 Email Matthew Matassa

Randy Phifer 727-267-7929 Email Randy Phifer

Jeffrey Proper 727-267-4573 Email Jeffrey Proper

David Riker 727-359-8129 Email David Riker

James Russell 727-267-7950 Email James Russell

George Swatzbaugh 727-514-5425 Email George Swatzbaugh

Stephen Switzer 727-514-7102 Email Stephen Switzer

David Scott Treaster 727-457-8905 Email David Scott Treaster