Fleet Management

Fleet Management is a department within the Internal Services Branch under the Pasco County Board of County Commissioners. The department's core services include monitoring, coordinating, acquiring, disposing, and maintaining all of the vehicles and equipment in the County’s motorized inventory, to include all State and Federal regulatory procedures pertaining to fuel inventory and garage operations; while achieving the highest possible level of service.

Fleet programs include the following:

  • Administration: To provide necessary management, accounting, and clerical support for all Fleet Management functions. Ensure adherence to all County directives, provide guidance and oversight for all Fleet functions, ensure compliance with all Federal, State, and Local standards and regulations, and maintain required documentation and record keeping.
  • Fuel Acquisition and Distribution: To procure, distribute, dispense and monitor fuels and lubricants used in all Pasco County motorized vehicles and equipment.
  • Maintenance: To provide, monitor, track and schedule all aspects of vehicle and equipment; preventative, general and vendor maintenance. Ensure all Pasco County vehicles and equipment is functional, safe and dependable.
  • Operations: To provide all aspects of vehicle and equipment acquisition and disposal, and to monitor and maintain the County fuel system. Ensure that user departments have safe, reliable vehicles and equipment to perform their required operations, and keep the County fuel system in working order and in compliance with Federal, State and Local regulations.