Road Paving Assessment (PVAS) Program


  1. Property owners requesting information regarding road improvement(s) shall contact Paving Assessment (PVAS) at 727-834-3601. An information packet containing a Petition Leader Request form, Frequently Asked Questions about the PVAS program, and information about the State Housing Initiative Program (SHIP) will be mailed to the requestor.

    Note: A petition for a PVAS project must be initiated with the Petition Leader Request form, signed by a property owner who either owns property on the road or who benefits directly from road improvements.

  2. A site evaluation will be conducted and an estimated cost for the project will be generated.
  3. Letters and ballots will be mailed to all benefited property owners explaining the proposed project and the maximum amount to be assessed after the work is completed. Included with the letter is a stamped, self-addressed envelope for property owners to return their ballots. 
  4. Before proceeding, 50% or more of the returned ballots must be in favor of the project.
  5. If enough favorable responses are not received, the project will be discontinued.
  6. If enough favorable responses are received, a Public Meeting and a Public Hearing will be scheduled.
  7. If the Board of County Commissioners approves the project, it will be scheduled for construction.
  8. At the end of the road improvement project, the road will become county maintained.
  9. After the project is completed, all specially benefited property owners will be billed their share of the completed work cost, regardless of whether they voted for or against the project.
  10. The assessment will appear on each property owners annual tax bill.

Privately Owned Roads

  • The county must obtain ownership of the right-of-way (ROW) before the project can begin.
  • The current owner(s) must donate the road and associated ROW to the county.
  • A survey will be performed to define the limits of the ROW to be donated.
  • An agreement will be signed between the county and the ROW owner(s).
  • The county will then accept the ROW and the property will be recorded as county owned.

Unpaved Roads

  • A survey will be conducted to develop road designs and drawings for submittal to the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) for an exemption.