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Opting Into Connected City

Obligations of Opting Into Connected City

This Special Planning Area comprises multiple land owners who can each benefit if they choose to. The CC Overlay Zone actually offers every land owners within these boundaries the option to develop land uses with more flexibility in locations, additional incentives to receive mobility fee credits, an expedited review process, and an exemption in transportation analysis. 

 Land Owners may keep their existing zoning or choose to “Opt In” by formally requesting a CC MPUD under the same process in place now (with LPA/DRC and BCC approval CC MPUD hearings) or seek to be exempted from Transportation analysis or wanting their entitlements to last until 2065. Once the LPA/DRC recommends approval and the BCC approves the landowner’s requests for a CC MPUD rezoning, the details of the physical development plans are still reviewed by County planners, but now go to the CCMC for future project approvals and implementation.

Once voluntarily opting in by rezoning to CC MPUD, these CC Entitled Properties are subject to the Master Roadway and Conceptual Utilities Plans, additional school impact fees, review fees, and gigabit infrastructure and innovation enterprise costs (in the Financial Plan).

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