Road Pavement Management

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Provide county-wide road inventory and condition assessment, easements and right-of-way (ROW) acquisitions, ROW infrastructure inspections, paving of local/residential, arterial, and collector roads; develop management and maintenance schedules to provide residents with an increased use and enjoyment of their property, improved public health, safety, and welfare considerations; and provide better access for public safety and service vehicles.

Local/Residential Road Improvements

Pasco County, like many predominately rural counties throughout the United States and Florida, funds the paving and repaving of the county’s roads by assessing the benefited property owners. Property taxes are not used for road reconstruction, improvements, or maintenance. Instead, these taxes fund parks, libraries, law enforcement, courts, jails, animal control, and a myriad of other county services and offices.

Local or neighborhood streets are paved or repaved under the Special Assessment Ordinance No. 02-17 (PDF). While the county does maintain some limestone roads by grading, the county cannot afford to accept additional unpaved roads for maintenance or pave those that we do maintain.

Paving Assessment Account

The money to fund local/residential road improvements comes from the paving assessment account (a revolving fund). The benefited property owners are required to repay the money in order for the paving assessment account to be replenished, ensuring future projects will be possible. The repayment can vary from five to 15 years, depending on the project.

Completed Projects

View 2016-2017 completed projects.

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