Road Pavement Management

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Provide a safe road infrastructure.

Arterial and Collector Roads (Program Maintenance)

The paving of county maintained arterial and collector roads is funded through the Tax Increment Funding (TIF) revenue and gas tax revenue generated from the purchase of fuel within the county. 

Arterial Roads
Roads providing service of relatively continuous and high traffic volume, long average trip length, high operating speed and high mobility importance. Examples of such roads are Little Road, County Line Road and Bruce B Downs Boulevard. There are 77.9 lane miles of arterial roads county maintained.

Collector Roads
Roads providing service of relatively moderate, average traffic volume, trip length and operating speed. These types of roads also collect and distribute traffic between local roads and arterial roads. Examples of such roads are Main Avenue, Decubellis Road, Massachusetts Avenue and Grand Boulevard. There are 296.9 miles of collector roads county maintained.

Local/Residential Roads (PVAS)

The paving of county maintained local roads is funded through the Paving Assessments (PVAS) program. PVAS is a form of non-ad valorem assessment. Property owners who benefit from the paving are assessed and pay for the cost of paving the road. Property taxes are not used to fund road paving.

Local roads are paved or repaved under the Special Assessment Ordinance No. 02-17 (PDF).

Roads may be paved in two ways. (1) A property owner petition the county to have a road paved. Based upon the success of received ballots and approval by the Pasco County Board of Commissioners (BCC), the road is added to the PVAS program schedule for paving. (2) The BCC may determine that a road in poor condition warrants a county-initiated paving and the road is paved. 

The funds for local road paving come from the paving assessment revolving fund account. The benefited property owners are required to repay the funds to replenish the account for future projects. The repayment of the funds may vary from five to 15 years depending on the project.

Local Roads
Roads providing service of relatively low average traffic volume and minimal through-traffic movements for access to abutting residential and commercial properties.
Examples of such roads are Beacon Hill Drive, Casey Drive, Cedarwood Loop and Center Street. There are 1,608.9 miles of local roads county maintained. 

Road Mileage in Pasco County

Pasco County: 1,983.7 miles
City: 218.2 miles
Homeowner's Association (HOA): 891.3 miles
Private: 650.4 miles
Federal Department of Transportation: 293.1 miles
Total mileage: 4,036.7 miles (Updated January 2022)

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