Household Waste Disposal

Most households contain a variety of hazardous waste products which can cause water pollution. These household products are used for cleaning and maintaining the house, car, garden, and yard. Many of these products contain toxic chemicals. When these products are not disposed of properly they can end up in our waterways causing pollution. Pollution is both harmful to people’s health, aquatic life, and the environment. That's why it is important to dispose of hazardous waste products properly.

Household Cleaning Products

What You Can Do!

  • Properly dispose household products such as motor oil, paint thinner, pesticides, fertilizer and other hazardous wastes. Never discard these products into the road, down a storm drain, onto the ground or into a waterbody.
  • Read the product label for disposing hazardous waste products.
  • Recycle waste when possible. Motor oil, paint thinner, and transmission fluid can be recycled.
  • When possible use nontoxic alternatives to conventional household cleaning products.
  • Contact local government agencies for locations of hazardous waste disposal facilities.
  • Store hazardous waste in closed, labeled containers. Make sure the container is securely covered.

Taking These Actions Helps Protect Our Waterways and the Environment!


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