The Harbors - West Market Redevelopment

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Project Overview

The West Market Area also known as 'The Harbors', includes the coastal and inland areas along U.S. 19 and Little Road corridors, from North County Line to South County Line. The Harbors will examine redevelopment and infill opportunities, identify land use, infrastructure and economic development strategies. By focusing on these elements The Harbors will create an implementation mechanism for the area, that largely focuses on promoting coastal opportunities, transforming U.S.19 into a livable roadway, and establishing an infill community structure.

Overall Objectives

  • Celebrate and enhance historic assets and neighborhood features.
  • Encourage compact, walkable, mixed-use development.
  • Encourage energy efficiency.
  • Enhance water features and eco-tourism.
  • Improve multi-modal connectivity.
  • Create a Post Disaster Redevelopment Plan. (Adopted January 2016)
  • Provide employment opportunities.
  • Revitalize neighborhoods and provide quality affordable housing choices.

Help Build Your Community!

Get involved in the Harbors - West Market Redevelopment process. You can ask questions, share ideas, point out concerns, or partner with us for the redevelopment of this area. You can get involved using any of these links given below.

Project Contact:

Mary Helen Duke, AICP
Principal Planner - Resiliency, Planning and Development
Phone: 727-847-2411 Ext. 7615

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