The Harbors - West Market Redevelopment

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Project Overview

The West Market Area also known as 'The Harbors', includes the coastal and inland areas along U.S. 19 and Little Road corridors, from North County Line to South County Line. The Harbors will examine redevelopment and infill opportunities, identify land use, infrastructure and economic development strategies. By focusing on these elements The Harbors will create an implementation mechanism for the area, that largely focuses on promoting coastal opportunities, transforming U.S.19 into a livable roadway, and establishing an infill community structure.

Overall Objectives

  • Celebrate and enhance historic assets and neighborhood features.
  • Encourage compact, walkable, mixed-use development.
  • Encourage energy efficiency.
  • Enhance water features and eco-tourism.
  • Improve multi-modal connectivity.
  • Create a Post Disaster Redevelopment Plan. (Adopted January 2016)
  • Provide employment opportunities.
  • Revitalize neighborhoods and provide quality affordable housing choices.

Help Build Your Community!

Get involved in the Harbors - West Market Redevelopment process. You can ask questions, share ideas, point out concerns, or partner with us for the redevelopment of this area. You can get involved using any of these links given below.

Project Contact:

HarborLife Email

West Market Map
  1. West Market Redevelopment/Infill Plan
  2. Planning Process & Timeline
  3. Harbors Districts
  4. Public Outreach
  5. Smart Growth Assistance
  6. Implementation Efforts

The Harbors Project Selected for Free Smart Growth Technical Assistance 
Pasco County was one of the 18 communities in the U.S. to receive the Smart Growth Technical Assistance Grant. This free technical assistance received for the Harbors Plan, is provided by Smart Growth America, sponsored through a grant from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA). The technical assistance will involve a public presentation, facilitated discussions with stakeholders, and the creation of an action agenda.

Mark your calendars for the public presentation by the Smart Growth Team! Come join us and give us your input!

Engaging Florida State University Students in the Harbors’ Redevelopment Effort 

Starting this May, the County’s Planning and Development Team is collaborating with the Florida State University Planning and Development Lab (FPDL) for the Harbors’ next planning and implementation work. This project is planned to be conducted in two phases – Phase I starting in Summer and Phase II in Fall 2014. The Florida State studio team began the first phase of the project on May 12th. 

To learn more about FPDL: Florida Planning and Development Lab website 

Florida State PDL Project Kickoff

As a part of this project, the studio team visited Pasco County on May 22 (Thursday) and May 23 (Friday) for a project kickoff. The events that were scheduled for these two days included, a project presentation, an Open House and a tour of the West Market Area.

For more information on the project and the kickoff: Project Scope (PDF) and Project Kickoff Agenda (PDF).

Harborlife  We are on Facebook! 
We recently launched a Facebook page for the Harbors - West Market Redevelopment Plan - 'Harborlife'. Come join us on Facebook and share your ideas, comments and suggestions on how we can together improve the West Market Area. We are also developing a comprehensive communication strategy to increase outreach for the redevelopment efforts. To read more about this please visit our Implementation Efforts page.

The Harbors Plan Receives Top Honors for 2013!

At the 22nd Annual Future of the Region Awards, the Harbors - West Market Redevelopment/Infill Plan received the Charles A. McIntosh, Jr Award of Distinction and the One Bay Award, becoming the first project ever within the region to have received both awards.
More about the 22nd Annual Future of the Region Awards

Mobility Fee and Redevelopment Incentives

The County has scheduled a series of advisory committee meetings till June 2014 to discuss the Mobility Fee Ordinance and using it to incentivize redevelopment in the West Market Area.
More about Mobility Fees


The redevelopment of the Harbors - West Market Area is an ongoing effort and we appreciate your help and support with it. For more details on the Harbors implementation efforts please visit: Implementation Efforts

We encourage you to get involved, ask questions, and share with us your ideas, comments, and concerns

Project Contact: Email Harborlife