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 Transmittal Packages for Review

Large Scale Comprehensive Plan Amendments
Proposed and Adopted Packets
CPAL16(06)South Branch RanchProposed Packet (PDF) | Adopted Packet (PDF)12/15/2017
CPAL16(07)Avalon Park WestProposed Packet (PDF) | Adopted Packet (PDF)02/24/2018
CPAL16(11)Harrod PropertiesProposed Packet (PDF) | Adopted Packet (PDF)12/22/2016
CPAL17(03)Wiregrass RanchProposed Packet (PDF) | Adopted Packet (PDF)08/24/2017
CPAL16(01)GTB AmendmentProposed Packet (PDF) | Adopted Packet (PDF)7/13/2017
CPAL17(04)Harvey MadisonProposed Packet (PDF)| Adopted Packet (PDF)10/19/2017
CPAL17(02)Lexington OaksProposed Packet (PDF) | Adopted Packet (PDF)12/15/2017
CPAL17(05)Anclote River Resort, a Tradewinds ResortProposed Packet (PDF) | Adopted Packet (PDF)05/04/2018
CPAL18(02)Galen Wilson ComplexProposed Packet (PDF) | Adopted Packet (PDF)09/13/2018
CPAL17(07)Gateway SubareaProposed Packet (PDF) | Adopted Packet (PDF)05/11/2018
CPAL17(06)Stony BrookProposed Packet (PDF) | Adopted Packet (PDF)11/16/2018
CPAL18(08)Shady Hills Energy CenterProposed Packet (PDF) | Adopted Packet (PDF)08/16/2018
CPAL18(01)Overpass Business ParkProposed Packet (PDF) | Adopted Packet (PDF)07/13/2018
CPAL18(04)Lacey PropertyProposed Packet (PDF) | Adopted Packet (PDF)09/28/20018
CPAL17(09)Morgan Road ParkProposed Packet (PDF) | Adopted Packet (PDF)10/06/2018
CPAL18(06)Lane RoadProposed Packet (PDF) | Adopted Packet (PDF)11/03/2018
CPAL18(05)Gulf Breeze ManorProposed Packet (PDF) | Adopted Packet (PDF)01/12/2019
CPAL18(11)DRC EliminationProposed Packet (PDF) | Adopted Packet (PDF)01/16/2019
CPAL18(012)The Reserve at Hunters Ridge Phase IIProposed Packet (PDF)  | Adopted Packet (PDF)
CPAL19(01)Project ArthurProposed Packet (PDF)  | Adopted Packet (PDF)01/27/2019
CPAL18(09)HagmanProposed Packet (PDF)  | Adopted Packet (PDF)
CPAL18(17)Vincent AcademyProposed Packet (PDF) | Adopted Packet (PDF)
CPAL18(10)Cypress Creek Town CenterProposed Packet (PDF) | Adopted Packet (PDF)04/11/2019
CPAL19(03)Highway Vision Plan UpdateProposed Packet (PDF) | Adopted Packet (PDF)
CPAL19(09)TRP Office, LLC (formerly Project Canopy)Proposed Packet (PDF) | Adopted Packet (PDF)06/19/2020
CPAL19(08)LegacyProposed Packet (PDF) | Adopted Packet (PDF)
CPAL18(19)River LandingProposed Packet (PDF)  | Adopted Packet (PDF)07/15/20109
CPAL18(18)Ehren CutoffProposed Packet (PDF)  |Adopted Packet (PDF)
CPAL18(07)Promenade Business Centre PDProposed Packet (PDF) |Adopted Packet (PDF)
CPAL18(13)Grande OaksProposed Packet (PDF) |Adopted Packet (PDF)
CPAL19(06)Smith 54Proposed Packet (PDF) | Adopted Packet (PDF)08/23/2020
CPAL19(13)2025 Comprehensive Plan Text AmendmentProposed Packet (PDF) | Adopted Packet (PDF)
CPAL19(04)Central Pasco Employment VillageProposed Packet (PDF) | Adopted Packet (PDF)09/20/2019
CPAL19(05)Aiken Mixed-UseProposed Packet (PDF) | Adopted Packet (PDF)12/03/2019
CPAL19(07)PAW MaterialsProposed Packet (PDF) | Adopted Packet (PDF)01/17/2020
CPAL19(15)54 CrossingsProposed Packet (PDF) |Adopted Packet (PDF)03/08/2020
CPAL19(02)Mango HillsProposed Packet (PDF) |Adopted Packet (PDF)
CPAL19(14)Pittman Massey JordanProposed Packet (PDF) |Adopted Packet (PDF)04/30/2020
CPAL20(01)JDR Investment, Inc.Proposed Packet (PDF) |Adopted Packet (PDF)05/30/2020
CPAL 20(05)Village of Pasadena Hills Proposed Packet (PDF) |Adopted Packet (PDF)
Proposed Pkt-Att. 1 (PDF) | Adopted Pkt (PDF)-Att 1 (PDF)
Proposed Pkt-Att. 2 (PDF) | Adopted Pkt (PDF)-Att 2 (PDF)
Proposed Pkt-Att. 3 (PDF)| Adopted Pkt (PDF)-Att 3 (PDF)

CPAL 19(17)Duke Land Exchange Part IProposed Packet |Adopted Packet (PDF)07/04/2020
CPAL 19(18)Duke Land Exchange Part IIProposed Packet |Adopted Packet (PDF)07/4/2020
CPAL 19(16)Little Lake ThomasProposed Packet |Adopted Packet (PDF)
CPAL 19(19)Hays RoadProposed Packet | Adopted Packet (PDF)
CPAL 20(03)Connerton III/IVProposed Packet |Adopted Packet (PDF)
CPAL 20(02)Colony RoadProposed Packet (PDF) | Adopted Packet (PDF)
CPAL 20(09)Trinity Corporate CenterProposed Packet (PDF)| Adopted Packet (PDF) 
CPAL 20(06)I-75/BlantonProposed Packet (PDF) | Adopted Packet (PDF)
CPAL20(08)Village of Pasadena Hills Phase 2Proposed Packet (PDF)) | Adopted Packet (PDF)2/24/2021
CPAL20(07)Salem Proposed Packet (PDF)  | Adopted Packet (PDF)
CPAL20(10)Two RiversProposed Packet (PDF)
CPAL20(12)Hay RoadProposed Packet (PDF) | Adopted Packet (PDF)9/15/2021
CPAL21(03)Causeway PDProposed Packet (PDF) | Adopted Packet (PDF)5/28/2021
CPAL20(11)Wesley Chapel LakesProposed Packet (PDF) | Adopted Packet (PDF)6/10/2021
CPAL20(13)Palmetto RidgeProposed Packet (PDF) | Adopted Packet(PDF)8/10/2021
CPAL20(14)Central Pasco Employment VillageProposed Packet (PDF) | Adopted Packet6/08/2021
CPAL20(15)Ridge Road Proposed Packet (PDF) | Adopted Packet (PDF)6/25/2021
CPAL21(02)Paw MaterialsProposed Packet (PDF)7/20/2021
CPAL21(01)Sunwest Park PDProposed Packet (PDF) | Adopted Packet (PDF)09/21/2021
CPAL21(20)Property Rights ElementProposed Packet (PDF) | Adopted Packet (PDF)09/21/2021
CPA21(21)Aviation Text AmendmentProposed Packet (PDF) | Adopted Packet10/26/2021
CPAL21(14)Smith 80 Proposed Packet (PDF) | Adopted Packet 1/11/2022
CPAL21(22)Solar FacilityProposed Packet (PDF) | Adopted Packet 1/11/2022
CPAL21(05)Faircloth at BellamyProposed Packet (PDF) 1/11/2022
CPAL21(10)North Pasco RV ResortProposed Packet (PDF) | Adopted Packet 2/15/2022
CPAL20(16)   New Port CornersProposed Packet (PDF)2/11/2022
CPAL21(15)Gateway HubProposed Packet (PDF)3/08/2022
CPA21(25)Cross Park PDProposed Packet (PDF)3/22/2022
CPA21(04)Chapter 7 Transportation Element UpdateProposed Packet (PDF) | Adopted Packet3/22/2022
CPAL21(23)Northridge Proposed Packet (PDF)4/05/2022
CPAL21(24)Denton AveProposed Packet (PDF)4/19/2022


Small Scale ComprehenSmith 80sive Plan Amendments
No.NameProposed and Adopted
CPAS17(01)Roopani DevelopmentAdopted Packet (PDF)5/13/17
CPAS17(02)United Business Center, LLCAdopted Packet (PDF)8/4/17
CPAS17(04)Pasco County Sheriff’s Office Shooting RangeAdopted Packet (PDF)9/24/17
CPAS17(05)Ballantrae Professional CenterAdopted Packet (PDF)11/24/17
CPAS16(06)SR52/Clinton CommercialAdopted Packet (PDF)11/10/17
CPAS17(03)Gator Shop LLCAdopted Packet (PDF)11/10/17
CPAS17(06)NorthwoodAdopted Packet (PDF)12/8/17
CPAS17(07)SR54 COMM Behnke Southern LandscapeAdopted Packet (PDF)12/29/17
CPAS17(10)Trinity PinesAdopted Packet (PDF)2/20/18
CPAS17(09)Sienna Village IIAdopted Packet (PDF)2/23/18
CPAS17(11)Absolute GuttersAdopted Packet (PDF)3/23/18
CPAS18(01)Mitchell Ranch EastAdopted Packet (PDF)4/27/18
CPAS18(004)Shady Hills Car LotAdopted Packet (PDF)11/23/18
CPAS19(01)Dixie Belle Paint CompanyAdopted Packet (PDF)3/22/19
CPAS18(06)RangelandAdopted Packet (PDF)
CPAS18(05)Green CreekAdopted Packet (PDF)
CPAS19(04)United VRAdopted Packet (PDF)
CPAS19(05)Land O Lakes CommercialAdopted Packet (PDF)12/20/2019
CPAS19(06)Starkey RV and Boat StorageAdopted Packet (PDF)04/24/2020
CPAS20(04)Cypress Ridge Professional CenterAdopted Packet (PDF)04/09/2021
CPAS21(02)River RunAdopted Packet (PDF)06/23/2021
CPAS20(05)Orange State GroveAdopted Packet (PDF)07/06/2021
CPAS20(01)Creighton Boyette and Overpass CommercialAdopted Packet (PDF)06/22/2021
CPAS20(06)Shady Hills Road and Helen K DriveAdopted Packet (PDF)06/22/2021
CPAS21(06)Acorn 54 Adopted Packet (PDF)10/26/2021
CPAS 21(08)Forest Lake EstatesAdopted Packet (PDF)10/26/2021
CPAS 22(01)Rucks CobblestoneAdopted Packet (PDF)02/08/2022
CPAS22(05)SR 52 West PascoAdopted Packet (PDF)03/22/2022
CPAS22(03)SR 52 SwedbergAdopted Packet (PDF)03/22/2022
CPAS20(01)Creighton, Overpass Road & Boyette RoadAdopted Packet (PDF)06/22/2021
CPAS20(06)Shady Hills and Helen K DriveAdopted Packet (PDF)06/22/2021
CPAS21(03)Angels Senior LivingAdopted Packet (PDF)11/09/2021

Transmittal Packages Prior to 2017 can be found on the Agenda & Minutes website page.

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