Pothole Patching

Potholes and Other Pavement Distress

While we would all like the county to come out and fix the pothole in front of our house the day we call, or by the next day, it has to be realized that this is not a cost-effective way of doing business. Instead of chasing potholes, it is best to take care of them on a schedule, cycling through different parts of the county and catching all the holes. Things like grading and mowing are similar situations.

Sometimes there are things beyond our control that can upset normal maintenance schedules. The weather has to be the most obvious factor. In the case of the pothole, heavy rains generate more holes. Therefore, it takes a longer period of time to catch up on patching. Heavy rains cause some unimproved roads to washout and make grading roads necessary to keep them in driving conditions. Rain falls on all roads but we can only grade one portion at a time leaving some to stay rough for short periods. Also, long periods without rainfall make grading impossible due to the dust caused by destabilization.


The division provides services to maintain the roadways in Pasco County. Paving and repaving roads along with the grading of unpaved roads is completed by crews for county-maintained roads.

Road Crew Paving a County Road