Stormwater Utililty Fee Exemptions and Credits

For the Stormwater Utility Fee, all developed residential (single family, mobile homes and condos) parcels will be charged a flat rate of $95.00. All other developed property, classified as non-residential property, will be charged a fee related to the amount of impervious area on developed property with the minimum fee being $95.00. The Stormwater Management System Utility Ordinance 07-18 (PDF) also establishes other exemptions and funding variations.


The following areas on developed property will not be counted as part of the impervious areas of the developed property:

  1. Railroads
  2. Public roads (including Federal, State, County and City)
  3. Public airport taxiways and runways
  4. Open water

Exempt Property

Undeveloped property is exempt from the Stormwater Utility Fee.


The county recognizes that some developed properties, subject to the stormwater utility fee, operate and maintain stormwater facilities that can reduce stormwater runoff. These facilities reduce the burden on the county to maintain, operate and provide capital improvements to the stormwater management system. The credit granted to the utility customer is defined in the Stormwater Utility Fee Policies and Procedures Manual (PDF).