Vendor Registration

Vendor Registration Information

Registering with BidNet Direct

Pasco County Board of County Commissioners utilizes the BidNet Direct website for all solicitations that are currently out on the street.

There is a free registration option, as well as a couple of additional options with an associated annual fee. The difference between the options is the free option requires you manually check the website and search for open bids. The options with annual fees allow you to register, set up email preferences, and then if that pertains to the chosen commodity codes becomes available, you will receive an email notification. These options work well for companies that cannot commit to searching on a weekly basis for solicitations.

Also, by registering on BidNet Direct you will have access to all the counties and agencies who use the same system so it is not limited to Pasco County. Those additional agencies can be found on the BidNet Direct website.

With each bid posted there will be a contact email and phone number of the Buyer/Purchasing Agent who is handling the purchase. All questions should be directed to them, preferably through email. However, if you do not receive a response, nor are able to find out the specific contact information, please call the Purchasing Department at (727) 847-8194.

If you have problems with the BidNet Direct website and need assistance registering or logging on, you may call them at (800) 835-4603, option #2.

Documents from Other Sources

Copies of solicitation documents obtained from other sources are not considered official and should not be relied upon. The Pasco County Board of County Commissioners is not responsible for solicitation documents obtained from sources other than the BidNet Direct. Only vendors who properly register and obtain solicitation documents directly from the BidNet Direct are guaranteed to receive addenda and other important information as issued.

Vendor Responsibilities

Vendors are responsible for acquiring knowledge of changes, modifications or additions to official solicitation documents. Vendors who submit responses and later claim they did not receive complete documents, had no knowledge of any change, modifications or additions made by the Pasco County Board of County Commissioners to the official solicitation documents, shall still be bound by the solicitation, including any changes, modifications or additions to the official solicitation documents.


If you obtained a solicitation document from a source other than the BidNet Direct, it is highly recommended that you register as a vendor and download the official document at no cost. For more information about the BidNet Direct please feel free to contact the Purchasing Department at (727) 847-8194 or BidNet at (800) 835-4603, option 2 (toll free).