Aquatic Weed Control Program

The Aquatic Weed Control Program involves the application of chemical herbicides to reduce vegetation growth in canals, ponds, lakes and ditches. This program is necessary to minimize drainage flow restrictions, and to ensure design or natural conveyance capacity. The Aquatic Weed Control Program involves county staff and qualified contractors who are licensed in herbicide use and application. Contractors are selected every three years by Pasco County's Purchasing Department in a competitive bidding process.

Algae growth control is also covered under this program. Algae depletes oxygen in the water. Controlling the algae helps improve water quality for fish, waterfowl and other aquatic animals.

Pasco County's geodatabase is used to monitor and log the county-owned (or legally-controlled) ponds, lakes, canals, and drainage flow-ways that have been treated for algae growth.



Photo of grass carp fish

Grass Carp Released into Lake Conley

The triploid sterile grass carp is an excellent biological control of certain nuisance aquatic plants. Grass carp can rapidly grow to over 40 pounds by feeding almost exclusively on aquatic plants. These fish can eat two to three times their body weight in plant material each day! 

On November 3, 2016, the Public Works Department released 300 triploid sterile grass carp into Lake Conley in an effort to control nuisance vegetation in the lake. Since the initial release, Public Works has stocked Lake Conley with additional grass carp as this has proved to be an effective method for aquatic plant control.